Dear Participant,

As a special offer for attendees registered at FBP 2024 Conference, the organizing committee has partnered with the Littoral Hotels & Flats chain ( to provide discounted rates:

  • Single room:   R$ 190.00 (Brazilian currency)
  • Double room: R$ 220.00 (Brazilian currency)
  • Triple room:    R$ 290.00 (Brazilian currency)
FBP 2024 participants who wish to stay at Littoral & Flats Hotels must make their reservations exclusively through the form:

Littoral Hotels & Flat chain Lodging form

See the link below for a more precise description of what can you enjoy around in João Pessoa.
The following listing from the Littoral Hotels and Flats chain offers discounts for FBP participants:

Littoral Hotel
Cabo Branco ave, 2172 - Cabo Branco, João Pessoa - PB, 58045-010

Littoral Gold Flat
José Ramalho Brunet street, 100 - Cabo Branco, João Pessoa - PB, 58045-240

Littoral Tambaú Flat
Pres. Epitácio Pessoa ave, 5000 - Cabo Branco, João Pessoa - PB, 58045-000

Participants must pay for the hotel at the end of their stay. Please note that spaces at these rates are limited.

Furthermore, it is essential to mention that the participant is responsible for their reservation; In case of no-show, the participant must pay in full for the reservation.

For questions about accommodation, please contact us via email