Contributed Talks

  • Enrique Fernandez-Cara
    • Title: TBA
  • Anvar Meirmanov (To be confirmed)
    • Title: TBA
  • Disson dos Prazeres 
    • Title: TBA
  • José Francisco Rodrigues 
    • Title: Quasi-Variational Solutions to Thick Flows

Call for Contributed Talks

Deadline: 30/06/2024
The Free Boundary Problems: Theory & Applications conference will feature a limited number of contributed talks. Participants who are interested in engaging are welcome to submit an abstract.

Send us an e-mail with a PDF file attached containing the abstract and further relevant information. Acceptance will be communicated continuously until the deadline is reached. As noted above, the number of talks is limited and the selection will be done by the committee.

Please click here to download LaTex template.